April 21, 2005

Mine landfill for renewable energy, EU says no

According to the Register you can product energy from burning rubbish enough to power two million homes, by 2020, according to a report from UK engineers and green-energy lobbyists. This would also stop this rotting down to methane, a far more potent green house gas than CO2. One small problem, this is against EU law, so we can't do it (hat tip to Tim Worstall for that last link).

So the EU wants people to be enviromentally friendly, reduce the amount of land fill used, reduce the amount of green house gases produced, and produce energy from renewable sources and yet when a scheme is proposed that will do all of these things it is apparently against EU law. Well that is consistent with policies to aid poor farmers by giving vast amounts of money to millionare land owners with the most land (CAP), and policies for preserving fish stocks and fishing jobs that have decimated both (CFP).


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